There’s no there, there.

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Yeah, I’ve pretty much stopped updating this, sorry. The need for personal web space in the age of Facebook is hard to maintain the energy for. I’ve had dreams for years of revamping this space into an area to showcase my personal vanity projects instead of a blog, but that sure hasn’t happened yet.

If you’re curious what I’m up to, I run the Game Services (video game porting and engineering) divison of OnLive, and I live in Washington DC. And I love it here.

You can contact me at tobin dot coziahr at gmail dot com if you need to get a hold of me.

The night the zombies attacked

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We had a crazy night of fog here tonight, and when I looked outside, it genuinely looked like zombies had come and eaten everyone, and I was the only one left alive.

I love nights like this, walking around at 1am when the world is completely empty and the streets are abandoned.  It reminds me of blizzards I’ve been in on the east coast where you can walk down a six lane highway and not see a single car.

New Orleans for a bachelor party? Okay, twist my arm.

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I spent last weekend in New Orleans, which is an amazing town that I hadn’t been to since I was about 8 years old.    Of course there was an occasion, which was Kevin’s impending marriage.  That means beers.

I drove to Germany

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I visited Amsterdam for work, and I figured it would be fun to drive to another country, just because I could.  We decided to drive from Amsterdam to Cologne, Germany.

We rented a sad little car that couldn’t really keep up on the German roads, and made the 2 hour trip.  I left my camera on the dash, recording time lapse footage of the drive, and I was really happy with how it came out.

I’ll post actual pictures of my trip eventually, but I couldn’t help tossing up a video of the adventure, because I’m a geek who’s addicted to time lapse.

i made a twitterbot. and python is awesome.

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This has been up for a while now, but I thought I’d share it.

dowcloses, my twitterbot. It posts every day what the DOW closed at, in case you’re a masochist and like to watch the decline of your net worth.

It was a quickie project that I did in Python, my new favorite language.  I’ve been a C programmer my whole life, and I’ve dabbled with Java and perl when necessary, but nothing really grabbed me.  Python is like no language I’ve used before, it really works with my head.

For a long time it dawdled along as a scripting alternative that lots of programmers just knew as “that language where whitespace matters”, but now that Google and several other big boys are really endorsing it, it’s getting more momentum, and I couldn’t be happier.

If you’re a programmer, and you use perl for your daily scripts, I can’t recommend Python highly enough.  You can pick it up over a weekend, it’s insanely powerful and fast, and easier to use than any language I’ve ever tried.  Honestly, it made me feel giddy with power, I was so used to programming being a struggle that I’d just assumed that’s how it would always be.

I’m doing a large scale project at work in Python now, and I’ve written several scripts to do web scraping, a la my twitterbot, or interacting with amazon through boto, and each and every time, I get up and running in a fraction of the time it used to take.   Python is badass.  Give it a shot.

playing around with time lapse

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My camera has a “time lapse” feature which I’ve been eyeing ever since I got it.

I bought a tomato plant holder from Home Depot that proved unable to hold the weight of the tomato buckets I put on it, so I decided to build my own tomato stand, which should hold four five-gallon buckets of dirt no problem.

A construction project?  What a perfect way to test out the stop motion!  I left the camera running while I figured out how to build a 6-foot tomato-hanging cage, and it came out pretty well.

I gotta say, stop motion is damn fun.  Now I need to find more stuff that I can record.

Bay to Breakers 2009

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Tokyo Day 24

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Tokyo Day 23

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I wanted to see the Beer Museum in Yebisu, so we headed out for a day of wandering around town.  Can’t resist a beer museum!  Paintings are for sissies.

Yebisu Garden Place is very nice, there’s a lot of public spaces for hanging out and eating, and a large covered area for live music.

Tokyo Day 22

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